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Oregon Gulch contained, but not out

I had been paying close attention to the stories about the wildfires burning up in the Greensprings and near Shady Cove, but I haven't heard anything from the Mail Tribune lately. I did, however, see a few firefighters turning onto the Copco Road last week, so I guess that one isn't out? What about the one above Rogue River Drive. 

— Gus J., via email

Well, Gus, the Oregon Gulch fire and the Rogue River Drive fire are not cold out, but they are both 100 percent contained.

An Oregon Department of Forestry aircraft outfitted with an infrared sensor flew over both of the fire areas on Friday, according to Brian Ballou, ODF fire prevention specialist. 

The plane picked up a dozen hot spots remaining throughout the Oregon Gulch fire and just one hot spot on the south end of the Rogue River Drive fire.

Since you asked with such curiosity, Gus, know that the Rogue River Drive fire hot spot was recorded at being above 660 degrees — if that's not an open flame, it's very close to being one, the data said. 

On the Oregon Gulch fire, five similar areas were found, as well as three areas that were smoldering and four others that were marked as "diminishing buried heat," the data said.

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