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Since You Asked: Water has nowhere to go

Recently, I've noticed a substantial amount of water being wasted on the south side of West Main Street starting at Newton Street and proceeding past South Peach Street and possibly beyond. I’m wondering who is responsible for fixing this issue? Is it the responsibility of the city of Medford or a private resident? Are there fines for these water wasters? We are in a drought. Shouldn't this be a priority?

— Daniel E., Medford

Daniel, that’s what no storm drains looks like.

Because of when west Medford was built — years and years and years ago — the storm drains don’t extend all the way up Main Street, said Brice Perkins, Medford’s public works operations manager.

As a result, rain — not this year — or water from people’s lawn irrigation or sump pumps runs down the street several blocks until it reaches the nearest storm drain.

The city is aware of the problem and gets this question regularly, especially in the winter when the water freezes. However, adding more storm drains would mean tearing up the street and running a storm pipe down it, which would be a "significant project," Perkins said.

“It’s something the city would like to address when they have the budget to address it,” Perkins said.

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