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Oregonians are eligible for share of Apple settlement funds

I am a Kindle customer, and I received an email the other day telling me I may be eligible for part of a $400 million antitrust settlement between several states and Apple concerning the price of e-books. I buy a few e-books here and there, so I figure I might be entitled to a dollar or two. This certainly won't feather my retirement nest, but I might as well pursue it. The one thing that was unclear to me was whether Oregonians are eligible. 

— Harold C., Medford

Thanks for passing your "Dear Kindle Customer" letter to us, it's always a pleasure to see those hard-working state lawyers earning their keep.

Oregon Justice Department spokesperson Kristina Edmunson told us that Oregon wasn't among those seeking a settlement with Apple. However, Edmunson assured us Oregonians are able to participate in the process.

Before you get too excited about your potential share of Apple's overpricing, think of it this way. An appellate court convenes for a hearing on Nov. 21 and will then make it decisions. Think "Let's Make a Deal" here with three doors.

  • Door No. 1: If the court upholds the District Court liability finding, Apple will pay $400 million to eligible consumers.
  • Door No. 2: If the liability finding is sent back to the District Court for further consideration, Apple will pay $50 million to eligible consumers.
  • Door No. 3: If the liability finding is reversed, Apple will make no payments.

If Apple is required to pay either of the first two options, and the court approves the Apple settlement, you will receive an automatic credit to your customer account. The amount of your payment, if any, will be determined based on the qualifying e-book purchases identified by Amazon in your customer account.

It is important that Amazon, or other online sellers, have your updated email address. You may also ask for a check by calling 1-866-686-9333. Additional information can be found at www.ebookslawsuits.com

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