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Town of Asbestos didn't last long

I am not sure whether there is any truth to this, but I guess that's why I am sending the Since You Asked department this email. I heard there used to be a small town up Evans Creek north of Sams Valley. I know there are some houses up there, but I am talking about a full-on town. Is it true?

— Lorraine Fancy, via email

It is true, Lorraine. The town was located near where Chapman Creek Road and East Evans Creek Road intersect. 

The name of the short-lived settlement was Asbestos, which was formally established with the arrival of a post office on Aug. 15, 1893. 

The town sprouted up around a mineral mine that produced the raw materials to manufacture — you guessed it — asbestos. 

The post office was closed on Aug. 31, 1918, and its papers were sent to the post office in the nearby settlement of Beagle. Beagle was established in 1885 a few miles north of Sams Valley near the present-day intersection of Meadows Road and Beagle Road. Its post office was later closed in 1941. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Asbestos never had a recorded population. 

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