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Landlord can have vehicles moved

We have neighbors who are renters, and beginning this summer they started parking their cars on their lawn (probably because they have so many cars on the street that they ran out of room). Anyway, I asked them if they could move them, and they said they had nowhere else to park. I know the landlord and called him to see if he could get the cars moved, but he said there was nothing he could do. Is that right? It's his place. Can't he set some rules? Just Call Me Unhappy

OK, Unhappy, we'll do what we can to get you to change your name. And we do have some good news, for you at least, if not for the neighboring landlord. According to Oregon Revised Stature 90.485, the landlord does indeed have the power to make renters move a vehicle — in fact, to have it removed if necessary. According to the statute, the landlord can have a vehicle removed for a variety or reasons, including if the vehicle:

  • Blocks or prevents access by emergency vehicles;
  • Blocks or prevents entry to the premises;
  • Violates a prominently posted parking prohibition;
  • Is parked in an area not intended for motor vehicles including, but not limited to, sidewalks, lawns and landscaping;
  • Is parked in a specific space assigned to another tenant.

Contrary to your neighbors' beliefs, the state says parking on the lawn is not cool, at least not for renters. 

So, Unhappy, feeling any happier?

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