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MT publishes all restaurant inspections, pass or fail

Hardly anyone looks at the county’s restaurant inspection site. We rely on the paper to inform us, and you do a great service in providing the listing. I looked at your list in the Sept. 29 paper and saw that Citi Grinders in White City was shown to have a score of 66 — a failing grade. The heading said all restaurants inspected had passed. Then I looked up the scores on the county’s website and there was no inspection shown since November 2013. Is the rating in the paper a misprint? Is the heading that says all restaurants passed a misprint? Why are there such long gaps between inspections? Aren't they supposed to be inspected twice a year? Where does the Mail Tribune get its data? Also, last year, Organic Natural Cafe got a score of 61. Did you print that failure? It is nice and comforting to see our restaurants are clean and that some get 100 points, but shouldn't the public be warned about the ones that fail?

— John J., via email

Good eye, John. Citi Grinders did fail its most recent inspection and, according to its Facebook page, is permanently closed.

Hopefully, your heart wasn't set on its "Original Garbage Grinder" sandwich.

The Mail Tribune publishes all the scores, even the bad ones. And when Organic Natural Cafe failed its restaurant inspection last October, we ran that, as well as its list of violations.

We should have done the same for Citi Grinders but somehow the score was overlooked. Thank you for holding us accountable.

John, the PDF you linked to your email was an old one, last updated in June. That link — available under “Quick Links” on the right side of the county’s Health and Human Services page, is not updated regularly, said Chad Petersen, program manager for environmental health.

For the most recent charts, go to the county’s Environmental Public Health Services page or keep reading the Mail Tribune, preferably the latter.

The county sends us the scores monthly, and we publish them in weekly installments, typically on Sundays depending on the space available.

Although biannual inspections are the standard, the county has been operating with three rather than four inspectors for the last six months. Petersen said they've fallen about a month and a half behind but hired a fourth inspector last week and will, hopefully, catch up by the end of the year.

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