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Richardson voted legally in Portland

I opened (Monday's) Mail Tribune and saw a picture of Republican gubernatorial candidate Dennis Richardson proudly casting his vote in Portland. But the story says he's from Central Point. What gives? Is he no longer registered to vote here and is voting in Portland? If he's casting his Jackson County ballot in Portland, will elections officials only count his statewide votes? Are we talking voter fraud?

— C.F., via email

It seems many Mail Tribune readers questioned just how it was that Dennis Richardson ended up voting in Portland on Monday.

Turns out, it's completely legit, Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker says.

At Since You Asked's request, Walker looked up Richardson's voter registration, and he's still registered to vote at his Central Point address. Also, Richardson has a Jackson County ballot, she says.

Under Oregon law, he was allowed to vote Monday in the Jackson County elections even though he did so in Portland, Walker says.

"As a voter, you can drop your ballot off in any official drop site in Oregon by the end of the election to be timely," Walker says.

It turns out that out-of-county ballot dropping is a fairly common practice. Walker says county clerks in Oregon routinely overnight ballots around the state to the counties of origin.

"I have a bundle going out (Monday)," Walker says.

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