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What's happening with Marie Callender's

So, any progress to report on the now vacant site where the Marie Callender’s burned down? Last I read, management was saying it would be rebuilt soon, but it’s been a while.

Sherman, Grants Pass.

We’ve had quite a few inquires about the Marie Callender’s, Sherman. Apparently a lot of people miss it, and we’re coming up on the anniversary of the fire that destroyed it on Dec. 14.

Demolition of the remnants of the building took place last February, and fire investigators determined the cause was an electrical failure.

J&A Food Service in Redding, Calif., later hired its own investigator to review the case. That job was completed earlier this month.

We checked in with Chris Reising, deputy city manager, and he said there have been no applications filed with the city to rebuild on the site.

We checked in with the Marie Callender’s in Redding, Calif.

An employee said the rebuilding of the restaurant is still up in the air, with different options being weighed for the site.

J&A Food Service owns a number of restaurants including Burger King, Marie Callender's and Applebee's.