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Oregonians can't impeach officials

In my 2009 Time Almanac, I ran across a sentence that said "Every US state except Oregon provides for the removal of executive and judicial officers by impeachment." I just wondered if that was true, not that I think anyone needs to be impeached. Perhaps you can enlighten us on this subject. If so, thanks.

Mary D., Ashland

Well Mary, the folks at Time would be right. According to the National Council of State Legislatures, Oregon is the only state that doesn't provide a constitutional mechanism for the removal of executive or judicial officials via impeachment.

They can still be charged, tried and convicted of crimes, however, as well as directly sanctioned for their behavior.

In September 2013, Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Tim Barnack was formally sanctioned by the Oregon Supreme Court for violating the state's code of judicial conduct after he yelled at Richard Lee Taylor during Taylor's sentencing for a number of sex crimes.

So you see, Mary, those above us aren't totally beyond reproach in this state.