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State requires headlight use in bad weather

Recently, with all the rain and dark cloudy weather, I wondered why more people did not put their headlights on to drive so they could be seen, and to see better.

Is there not a DMV law that says you must use your headlights when you use your windshield wiper blades?

— Driver from Shady Cove

We at Since You Asked have seen a car or two without its headlights on, Driver, even when it's dark out. Makes you scratch your head, doesn't it? Then again, nobody's perfect, and we suppose it can be easier to forget in areas where there are numerous street lamps and electric signs for businesses already burning.

According to the Oregon drivers manual for 2014-15, headlights need to be on from sunset to sunrise and anytime conditions make it difficult to see pedestrians or vehicles 1,000 feet ahead of you — heavy rain, thick snow or fog, for example. You know, when you'd hope someone would be using those windshield wiper blades.

It's even recommended you click your lights on during the day to make yourself that much for visible.

Failure to use headlights at the required times is a class C traffic violation.

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