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Will the new county HHS building save the county money?

Isn't the new Jackson County Health & Human Services building going to be a real money savings thing for the county? Even showing a profit in the future?

— Andruss N.

Yes to both, Andruss.

Funding for the $36 million project came from the county's general fund balance — about $17 million — with the rest being picked up by the county's health and human services department fund balance.

That said, the county's general fund is expected to earn about $1.3 million annually for leasing the facility to the HHS department, according to County Administrator Danny Jordan. The department has entered into a 35-year lease agreement with the county, paying $4 million to the general fund up front.

Additionally, Jordan tells us that many subcontractors delivering services for HHS clients are also leasing space, which will benefit the HHS general fund, too.

Finally, consolidating all the department's functions under one roof will create efficiencies from cost and client standpoints, Jordan says.

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