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Ducks will see greenbacks from NCAA bowl games

By my calculation, including the college playoff games, there are 39 bowl and playoff games during this football season. To date, I’ve done my best to watch as many of these games as possible and even had to replace my television in the process. My question has to do with the payout system and, specifically, how it applies to the PAC-12.

As you are well aware, there is a great range in these payouts. For example, the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl had a payout of $325,000, which, after expenses, I doubt would have even paid for the winning coaches’ bar bill. Then the college playoff semifinal has an $18 million payoff. I believe that the PAC-12 has had or will have eight teams in a bowl game or the playoff semifinal, which is great.

Now to my question. My out-of-work brother-in-law insists that my beloved Ducks will not see a penny of this playoff money but that, instead, it all goes to the PAC-12 organization. I would really hate to think that, for once in his life, he is right. Can you resolve this for me?

— Mike M., Jacksonville

The PAC-12 comes about as close to a share-and-share-alike system as any in the NCAA world.

All those years when Oregon was fodder for Southern California, UCLA and Washington, the Ducks benefited handsomely from bowl revenue sharing. With the Webfoots' great success, they earn dollars in a variety of other ways, as well.

According to the PAC-12 Handbook: The Conference shall retain all revenues generated by the Conference Football Championship Game and related activities and shall distribute all net revenues equally among the member institutions after payment of game-related expenses.

This year the PAC-12 received a base of $50 million from the College Football Playoff system, $6 million for Oregon's appearance in the Rose Bowl semifinal, and $4 million from Arizona's Fiesta Bowl appearance for a $60 million total before another six bowl appearances were factored in.

If you want to read the bean-counter details, you can look it up here: http://compliance.pac-12.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2014-15-Handbook.v2.11.20.14.optimized.pdf

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