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Pipeline corridor will be cut wide

I have been reading the articles about the proposed Pacific Connector pipeline and Jordan Cove terminal. In two of the articles it said the width of the pipeline corridor would be 50 feet. However, at the public meeting at Central High School on December 11, I am sure I remember the representative from FERC saying that the corridor would be 90 feet wide. Can you tell me which is correct? Thank you.

Katy M.

Well, Katy, the reality is both figures are correct. During the construction of the pipeline, a 90-foot corridor would be cut along the route, which runs from Malin in Klamath County to Coos Bay, where the pipeline would terminate in the proposed Jordan Cove Energy Project terminal. After construction is completed, a 50-foot easement around the 36-inch pipeline would be permanently maintained. According to a draft environmental impact statement for the pipeline, developers would likely also plant trees on the fringes of the right-of-way and maintain a 30-foot-wide strip of vegetation for maintenance access.

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