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Winery owner was never found

Did they ever solve the disappearance of that owner of a Rogue Valley vineyard in the 1970s who was diving in a bell suit to tie down a boat ramp when Lost Creek Lake was being completed?

— Pam, via email

You're likely referring to the drowning death of Valley View Vineyard owner Frank Wisnovsky of Ruch, who drowned on July 29, 1980. Wisnovsky was working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers installing cables to the boat dock under construction near the boat ramp at Lost Creek Lake. 

According to Mail Tribune archives, he failed to return to the surface after diving with a cable to secure at the lake bottom at a depth of approximately 130 feet. A week-long underwater search followed Wisnovsky's underwater disappearance, and included the use of a remote-controlled underwater video camera supplied by a British Columbia-based  Submarine Engineering Ltd. Archives note that poor visibility and debris at the bottom of the lake hampered the underwater search.

Wisnovsky's body was never found.

A 2006 story about a body recovered at Lost Creek Lake mentioned Wisnovsky's name among others who went missing at the lake and were never found. The recovered body was determined to belong to Brian Nisbet, who drowned after jumping off Peyton Bridge in September 2001. 

Others who were never found as of that 2006 story include Theodore Calouri of Williams, who went missing after jumping off Peyton Bridge in August 1999, and Fred Raymond Jennings of Medford, who disappeared in June 1998 when he swam after his fishing boat that had drifted away.

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