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Thieving Grants Pass caretaker got probation, 20 days jail

Can we get an update on the girl from Aspire in Grants Pass? We keep hearing she was sentenced but we haven't seen any updates.

—  Jennifer D., email submission

Well, Jennifer, the employee in question has, in fact, been convicted.

Kimberly Nicole Davis pleaded guilty Jan. 26 in Josephine County Circuit Court to charges of first-degree criminal mistreatment, second-degree theft and two counts of identity theft. Judge Thomas Hull sentenced Davis to 36-months probation and 20 days in jail, with credit for time served.

For readers who don't know, Davis, 30, is a former caretaker for Southern Oregon Aspire who was arrested in December 2014 after she admitted to a Grants Pass police officer that she had fraudulently used the credit cards of three different Aspire clients on several occasions.

An indictment handed down in November named seven victims. The Grants Pass Daily Courier reported that police began investigating Davis after Aspire supervisors noticed irregular financial transactions in their records. The Daily Courier said Aspire has paid back all the victims.

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