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Who cleans up around the Medford library?

Now that the Medford library is open six days a week — hooray! — meaning it is more accessible, can you tell me who is supposed to clean up the leaves in front of the library's Central Avenue entrance? The falling leaves season is long over, the rest of downtown is dead-leaf free, but the front of the library is a leafy mess. Is the buck for cleanup being passed? Should I just drive over and do it myself and send a bill?

— Jerry Z., via email

Maybe give the library folks a break, Jerry. You know how leaves are. You sweep or rake a bunch up, only to come back the next day and find ones that were previously hiding in nooks and crannies are suddenly swept up by a gust of wind and cover the ground again. The definition of insanity, as they say.

"On quite a few occasions, that's what happens," says Lisa Higdon, Jackson County Library Services business manager.

Cleanup and landscaping upkeep around the Medford library is a cooperative effort between the city of Medford and the county. The city primarily handles the sidewalks around the building and nearby parking lot, while a landscaping company the county contracts with takes care of, well, landscaping.

"It's kind of a shared responsibility," Higdon says.

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