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School zone speed limit always 20 mph

Why aren't all the hours and speed limits around the Medford schools consistent?

— Cynthia B., Medford

Cynthia, the speed limit in school zones citywide will always be 20 miles per hour. However,  the time frame in which that speed limit is enforced will vary depending on the road’s proximity to the school.

School zones, according to Oregon Department of Transportation, can be segments of the roadway adjacent to school grounds or areas with school crosswalks near school grounds.

If it’s a roadway adjacent to the school, the 20-mph speed limit will be in effect from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. school days or when the light is flashing, explained Sgt. Don Lane, who oversees traffic at the Medford Police Department.

If the school zone is near but not adjacent to the school, for example on Delta Waters Avenue near Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy elementary schools, the speed limit will be in effect when the light is flashing or “when children are present,” Lane said.

Cynthia, not every road adjacent to a school is in a school speed zone, so unless there's a “School Speed Limit 20” sign, you can continue cautiously at the posted speed limit.

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