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Why no notice on golf course plans?

My property abuts the Centennial Golf Course. I keep hearing rumors that this property is being considered for rezoning as residential property. Isn’t there a legal requirement that adjoining residents be informed about such developments? I have received nothing. Our property values are at stake here. Why the secrecy? 

— Gayle C., Medford

It’s more than just a rumor, Gayle. Plans to put housing around the Centennial Golf Course have been discussed for years, n fact, even before the golf course existed.

The Mail Tribune also just published an article (Sunday, March 8) describing the plans to bring the golf course and other Medford properties into the city’s urban growth boundary, which is one of the first steps in the rezoning process.

We should be clear that there are no plans to convert the golf course itself into housing sites, just the land adjoining the fairways. But plans have called for building up to 1,200 houses on the property.

As to your question, Gayle, the city Planning Department told us that it does not have to notify adjacent property owners about legislative matters, such as expanding the UGB. According to Measure 56, the city would be required to provide notice to a property owner if there is a proposal that would change the uses permitted on the property, but that's not happening in this phase of the process.

The city did provide the required notice of the urban growth boundary issue in the paper. Of course, you’d have to like to read legal notices.

It's not too late to put in your two cents' worth. There will be plenty of discussion about the Centennial Golf Course and other expansion proposals in the future. Keep an eye on those public notices, Gayle, and watch for city meetings involving UGB discussions.

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