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Former White City doctor still missing

Any recent update about the missing doctor who was retired from the VA facility in White City? His car was found over a year ago in the Lake Shasta area.

— Barbara M., White City

Well, Barbara, the whereabouts of Max Eugene McIntosh are still unknown. For readers who don't know, McIntosh, 76, disappeared in March 2012. His white Ford Explorer was later discovered near Lake Shasta, Calif., with an empty gas tank; police say they believe McIntosh drove the vehicle there.

An exhaustive search of the nearby woodlands by the Shasta County sheriff's search-and-rescue team failed to turn up any sign of him, and police couldn't find any residents nearby who remembered seeing him in the area. A search of his phone and financial records didn't produce any evidence that he'd made it out of the woods.

McIntosh was formerly the director of the Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics before retiring in 2012. Following his disappearance, McIntosh's home fell into foreclosure and was sold at auction by the Jackson County Sheriff's Department in 2014, according to sheriff's department notice.

Police are asking anybody with information regarding the case to call Detective Tony Young at 541-770-4784.

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