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U.S. Bank drive-thru sticks to one lane

What's with the downtown U.S. Bank blocking off one of its drive-thru banking lanes? It's been there forever. I saw an orange cone blocking the outside lane for a few days. Now there is a very-permanent looking post. Is U.S. planning to close its drive-thru all together?

— Sam W., Medford

No need to despair, Sam. We're told it's simply a matter of momentary disrepair.

U.S. Bank's drive-up window has been operating at the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue since the 1960s. The double-lane service was cutting-edge stuff back in those days before ATMs, the Internet and telephone banking.

No doubt about it, however, the drive-thru is presently a single lane due to technical problems, U.S. Bank's regional vice president, Gloria Schell, told us. 

"The outer lane is not technically functional," Schell said. "Some repairs are needed.

"Our drive-thru remains open. But in the meantime, the outer lane is now blocked off to prevent drivers cutting through the covered structure between Front Street and Central.

"The outer lane is being used for a driveway or parking space, which presents safety and liability issues, so we had to block it off," Schell said.

So while you won't get the benefit of the air-propelled cylinder carrying your receipts and change, the drive-up window continues to operate on a regular schedule.

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