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Missing deer-crossing signs to be replaced

I have a two-part question. (1) Are ODOT’s deer-crossing signs placed on highways near locations where deer have been known to cross or simply at random or periodically? (2) The deer crossing signs on Highway 238 between Jacksonville and Applegate face only the traffic going that direction on the highway. Do the deer not cross the paths of vehicles when traveling in the opposite direction (ie. from Applegate to Jacksonville?)

— Johnny R., Applegate

Johnny, really this is a question for the deer.

We would consult with them, but alas, they seem to be heading west along Highway 238, and it wouldn't be safe for them to head east toward Jacksonville and Since You Asked headquarters until the appropriate signage has been installed. 

Now, if you’ll excuse our sarcasm, we’ll get you a serious answer.

Oregon Department of Transportation deer-crossing signs are placed in areas where deer have been known to cross and areas where crews have picked up lots of road kill, said ODOT spokesman Gary Leaming.

“But just because there is a deer sign doesn't mean deer are going to cross there,” Leaming said. “They can show up anywhere.”

“In the Applegate, the whole area is a deer habitat because you have hay fields, the rivers and the forest, so drivers really need to be on their toes,” he said.

Last week, an ODOT maintenance manager drove Highway 238 from Central Point to Grants Pass and noticed that several deer crossing signs are missing.

Leaming assured us that those would be replaced as soon as possible. Good eye, Johnny.

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