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New substation will enhance power system

I am wondering about all the construction and power lines that are being installed on Kirtland Road in the Central Point area. The construction is located between High Banks and Table Rock roads. There are many poles that have been installed, and it looks like a power station just next to Kirtland. Are there plans to take down the huge, old power poles and replace them with the new, smaller, sleek ones?

— Jill K., Central Point

You must be talking about Pacific Power’s new substation at 2101 Kirtland Road, Jill. This $17 million project will enhance power distribution in Southern Oregon and provide greater security in case power lines go down or other substations are shut down.

John Aniello, project manager for Pacific Power, said the substation will convert 230 kilovolts into 115 kilovolts.

“It will basically reinforce the grid down there,” he said.

The substation occupies about five acres of land that is fenced and has transformers, circuit breakers and other equipment needed to step the power down. As you can imagine, Jill, this substation is many magnitudes of power greater than the wall socket in your home that you plug the vacuum into.

Major construction at the substation ended over the past month, and it will become fully operational by next week, Aniello said.

As to your last question, Jill, some of the power lines were rerouted to get to the new substation, but the majority of the lines and poles you see will remain.

“There will be no additional construction,” Aniello said.

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