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Average east Medford lot selling price: $70,356

I read your monthly report on housing sales in Jackson County. I have a couple of lots in east Medford that I'm thinking about selling. Is there any way to find out what lots are selling for right now?

— Fred P., Talent

As you know Fred, when it comes to real estate, it's all about location, location, location.

That reminder in hand, we tracked down a list of east Medford lot sales that were on the Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service data base between Jan 1, 2014 and June 4. There were 42 transactions noted in the system. Some were in subdivisions and others one-off here and there; far and away, the majority of sales were in calendar 2014.

The average lot size was 10,580 square feet, or just under a quarter of an acre. They ranged from a postage-stamp 5,103 square feet — that's less than 0.12 of an acre — in a subdivision on Wolf Run Drive to a roomy half-acre on Ridge Way. The average selling price was $70,356, working out to $6.65 per square foot.

The spendiest piece of dirt, per square foot, was a relatively small .14-acre lot on Hathaway Drive that sold for $90,000, or $14.76 per square foot on March 18. The best bargain was a .34-acre lot on Cheltenham Way that went for $50,000, or $3.38 per square foot.

The highest-priced parcel was a .43-acre lot on Piedmont Terrace that sold for $175,000, or $9.34 per square foot. 

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