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White City powwow is annual veterans celebration

I hope your sources are better than mine! I can't seem to find out what the powwow at the Department of Veterans Affairs grounds is. Driving by every year I see a bunch of tents, but nothing that tells me what it actually is or what they do.

— Rob, email submission

Well Rob, the powwow is actually a celebration for veterans that's been held at the Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics for more than 18 years, according to previous Mail Tribune reporting.

The event started in 1998, but actually dates back to the 1970s when members of the local Native American community brought up the idea of holding a powwow to honor veterans and military personnel, who hold a special place in Native American culture. The first event was held in a back building on the VA grounds but organizers were later granted use of the property's baseball field for future powwows.

Festivities include Native American dancing, crafts and food and are open to all veterans, as well as the families of those currently serving or lost in action.

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