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Any other Harry & David roses would smell as sweet

I recently moved to Medford near the beautiful rose garden in front of Harry & David on Highway 99. Who built the garden, and how long has it been there? It is so lovely and so well taken care of, yet I rarely see anyone walking through to enjoy it.

—Just Wondering, Medford

Just wondering who you are ... Just Wondering. Who's on first?

Ahem. What was your question again? Right, right. Roses. Got it.

We reached out to Harry & David public relations representative Rhonda Klug to get the skinny on this lovely outdoor display. She tells us that the company acquired the Jackson & Perkins Company, which sells floral arrangements and plants, in 1966.

Five years later, then-Ashland Parks superintendent Chet Corey designed the rose garden. It had two goals attached to it: to test new roses as they were being developed, and also for catalog photography needs. Over time, it turned into a tourist attraction, too.

Interestingly, this same garden is also home to 10 comice pear trees, veterans still standing from the original planting more than 80 years ago. They are 16 feet tall and about 50 inches in circumference, Klug says. They were inducted into the Oregon Heritage Trees Program in 2011.

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