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Any yellow on the curb can merit a ticket

I noticed many yellow painted curbs where the paint has either partially or completely worn off. At what point can a motorist be ticketed for parking in such an area, especially if the yellow point is difficult if not impossible to see? I understand from a city employee that they are no longer repainting the curbing. It does not appear at least from my surrounding neighborhoods that "no parking" signs are installed in place of the disappearing paint. I would think it creates a potentially dangerous liability situation, particularly around schools, if parking is not visibly restricted in an area once identified by the city as "no parking."

— Tom B., email submission

Well, Tom, regardless of whether the paint is faded or not, if a police officer can see the yellow, you can be ticketed. Medford police Lt. Mike Budreau said that whether the paint is so faded or worn that it doesn't count isn't a decision the officer can make themselves. "That would be an argument the person (being cited) could make in court," Budreau said. 

There are other sections of Medford's city streets not marked by paint or signs that are also off-limits for parking. Parking in bike lanes is one such issue that causes significant problems around town, especially near Fichtner-Mainwaring Park, Budreau said. Oregon Revised Statutes set the fine for parking in a bike lane at $110, but Budreau said police typically issue $25 "prohibited parking" citations, applicable to a number of parking violations, through the city's municipal court.

You are correct that the city is no longer painting the curbs — they haven't been for about 15 years, said public works director Cory Crebbins. "The life-cycle cost on signs is much lower than painted curbs," he said, adding that the only place where new paint has been used is near fire hydrants downtown.

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