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About that high number of transient arrests

Quite often in the police arrests column in the Mail Tribune, suspects are listed as having no known address or giving no address when they are booked. This seems to occur once or twice a day and there don’t seem to be any names being repeated. Is my logic off base, or are there actually a lot of transients moving through the area? Thanks.

— Oscar Z., Medford

Per police, there aren't Oscar. 

A large part of what you see stems from the fact that, in many cases, those listed as having no known address aren't homeless in the stereotypical sense. Many are couch surfing and just don't have a permanent place to hang their hat, so to speak. That qualifies as transient.

"They're not homeless under a bridge. They're just staying with a different friend every week," says Medford police Lt. Mike Budreau.

And sometimes, police say it's as simple as suspects being arrested on drug charges, and they are not wanting to disclose any other information about their lives, including where they sleep at night.

"Oftentimes, they have a very disorganized lifestyle where they don't have a normal place to rest their head," Budreau says. "They are staying in motels, they are staying with friends, or they don't want to tell you where they're staying."

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