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When can I eat my In-N-Out burger?

I see construction on both the new Five Guys restaurant and the location for the new In-N-Out burger. Which one will be finished first? When is the estimated opening for both?

— Annette L., Medford

We keep hearing rumors about a Five Guys opening in Medford. Unfortunately, Annette, it’s just a rumor that has taken on a life of its own. Also, unfortunately, some local media sources, the Mail Tribune included, have reported that Five Guys is going to be built near the mall in the vicinity of the new In-N-Out.

Residents keep pointing to a new store being built across from the Rogue Valley Mall next to the Verizon store on Highway 99. However, that is actually a mattress store, not a Five Guys, according to Jim Huber, Medford planning director.

A representative from Five Guys said there are no plans for a new store in the Medford area at the moment.

Bill Hoke, city manager pro tem, said Five Guys has expressed interest in locating a store in the Medford area.

“We haven’t received anything definite as far as a location,” he said. “Nobody’s committed anything to me.”

Now that we’ve got the question of Five Guys out of the way, answering your question got a whole lot simpler, Annette.

We can say with some certainty that In-N-Out will open first.

In-N-Out, which is making great strides putting up the building at 1968 Crater Lake Highway, plans to open the store sometime in September.

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