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No Comcast and no PAC-12 Network on the horizon

Any updates about Comcast coming to Medford to replace Charter?

— Paul, by email

Why, yes, there is an update: It's not happening, at least not anytime soon.

We hate to say it, but you're a bit behind the times, Paul. In late April, it was announced that a Comcast bid to buy Time Warner for $45 billion had died. Part of that deal would have involved Comcast and Charter swapping some territories, including a big chunk of the Southern Oregon region.

But the deal ran into resistance from federal regulators who were concerned that it would further reduce competition for both television and high-speed broadband connections for Internet service.

Those regulators apparently are not Duck or Beaver fans, since the arrival of Comcast locally would have included access to the PAC-12 Network, which airs many of the PAC-12 games not carried on major networks. That Hail Mary has apparently fallen incomplete.

There is some hope, although perhaps faint, on two fronts:

  • Charter has now put in a bid for Time Warner, and if that deal were approved, it perhaps would lead to a territory swap with Comcast.
  • Charter could opt to pick up the PAC-12 Network.

We're not holding our breath on either count, Paul. We're using our time more productively by finding which radio stations the games will be aired on.

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