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A brief history of heat in Medford

I know this has been a hot summer, but just for the record, what's the hottest temperature ever recorded in Medford? And the hottest spell of continuous 100-degree-plus days? And the year with most days over 100 degrees? Here's hoping we don't set any more new records before summer's over.

— Rogue River Bill, via email

It's been hot? We hadn't noticed. The Weather Service, though, somehow manages to keep meticulous records of all those things, and here's what they were able to tell us.

Medford's long-standing high-temp record is 115 degrees, which occurred July 20, 1946. Although they probably weren't trying this back then, this year a local news team in Arizona baked cookies in a car in five hours in that exact temperature.

Ten days is the longest recorded stretch of days exceeding 100 degrees, and two periods in Medford history are tied for that record. In 1962 highs remained above 100 degrees from July 21-30 and in 1967 from Aug. 10-19.

A quarter-century ago, in 1990, Medford set its record for the most days above 100 degrees: 23.

This year, we've had 13 days of highs above 100 degrees, so we're more than halfway to the record. We had a seven-day streak of 100-plus-degree days this summer, June 30 to July 6. Our highest temperature was July 1, when the mercury reached 108 degrees. Yesterday it was 104 degrees, and today calls for something similar, so we're stacking up the 100s. Stay tuned.

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