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SOU football success leads to ticket changes

I see that tickets for the national champion Southern Oregon University football team are on sale. I don't remember there being reserved seats. I kind of expected ticket prices to go up, but what about reserved seating? 

— Kip J., Central Point

Success naturally breeds, well ... higher ticket prices, Kip. In this case, however, the higher prices are still much lower than what other Frontier Conference schools are charging for the coming season.

It has been a while since Southern Oregon University has sold reserved seats at Raider Stadium.

Associate Athletic Director Bobby Heiken told us the last time SOU had reserved seats was back in 2008. There was a very good reason, he said, for ending the practice at the time: the team wasn't drawing all that well and it cost a lot of money to print 2,000 tickets for five home games that may or may not get sold.

"The technology then was different," Heiken said. "People would walk up and pick their seats at the ticket window. We were spending a lot of money and we weren't getting big crowds."

At that point Athletic Director Matt Sayre and Heiken huddled and decided it was best to charge one price for everybody and turn the entire 4,500-seat stadium into general admission seating.

But the Raiders turned the corner two years ago and started drawing crowds large enough to elicit a change.

"Our crowds have been growing and the technology has developed to where people can go online and print their tickets at home. It's a lot easier."

There are 1,000 reserved seats selling for $15, and general admission remains $12.

College of Idaho reserve seats go for $29, and Frontier Conference favorite Carroll College reserved seats are priced at $20.

The Saints' general admission price is $12, Heiken said. "But you have to sit on a hillside, there really aren't seats."

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