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District follows through on safety recommendations

What safety measures has the Eagle Point School District taken since disbanding its Weapons Safety Committee?

— Lee K., Eagle Point

Since the Weapons Safety Committee disbanded in 2014, the Eagle Point School District has been able to check several things off the committee’s list of safety recommendations.

First, it provided ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training for all staff. Then, it established a single point of entry at every school, except Shady Cove School, which is the only school with the Nexar Security System. And, more recently, district officials ordered $9,300 worth of reflective, shatter-proof film to apply to windows near the entrances of White Mountain Middle School, Eagle Point Middle school, Eagle Rock Elementary and Hillside Elementary. The film has already been applied to windows at Table Rock Elementary.

“In no way is the film bullet-proof,” explained Scott Whitman, the district’s director of business services. “But it is designed to hold together and not shatter.”

Each school also updated its emergency action plan to be consistent with other schools districtwide, said Allen Barber, the district’s human resources director.

“We’ve also talked about installing panic alarms and buzzed entries in all the buildings,” he said. “That will probably be our next step, but we’ll be working on that on a case by case basis.”

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