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Fabric in road caused traffic jam

What caused the traffic jam on Highway 62 the other day? I didn't see a car accident as I went by.

— James, Medford

The Medford Police Department reported on Wednesday that fabric was the unusual cause of the slowdown.

Police said they arrested Aaron Shelton, 50, near the intersection of Highway 62 and Poplar Drive after he came across an industrial-size roll of purple fabric and rolled it across the highway, causing a major disruption on the busy road during the afternoon rush hour.

When police found Shelton, he ran into traffic, once again causing a traffic snarl, but he was apprehended, police said.

Jackson County Circuit Court records show Shelton has yet to be indicted on charges.

Court records show Shelton pleaded guilty to second-degree disorderly conduct and had fourth-degree assault and harassment charges dismissed in a 2014 case. He was sentenced to probation.

Family members had told police Shelton tried to strike his brother with a racket but hit his niece instead on the side of her head.

This summer, a landlord filed an eviction complaint against Shelton, saying he hadn't paid his rent for a unit on Table Rock Road in Medford.

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