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Alba Park home to European trees

Now that the leaves have turned, I've noticed some trees I don't recognize in Alba Park. Does the park have trees from Italy in honor of Medford's sister city relationship with Alba, Italy?

— John, Medford

Alba Park in downtown Medford does in fact have many trees that are native to southern Europe, according to the Medford Parks and Recreation Department.

"We do have the Mediterranean climate that is found in Italy and southern Europe," said Adam Airoldi, an arborist with the department. "A lot of those species can adapt here."

According to a tree inventory list for Alba Park, trees found in southern Europe that also can be spotted in the park include Italian oak, European linden, Deodar cedar, European beech and tuliptree, which is sometimes spelled tulip tree.

The scientific name for white oak is actually Quercus alba, Airoldi noted, though that species is native to North America, not Europe.

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