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Medford disc golf course is years away

Back in 2011, there was an article about disc golf being approved for Chrissy Park, but that it would take awhile to develop. Are there are any updates? And who can I contact to help move this project along? I'm an experienced disc golfer with a number of locals willing to support the project both physically and financially.

— Thanks, Nathan R.

It's going to be awhile, Nathan. We're talking 10-plus years.

Sentient robots who can throw the disc for you might be invented by then. Basket-seeking discs, too. 

"It's at least a decade away," said Brian Sjothun, director of the Medford Parks and Recreation Department. 

Boxes that need to be checked are numerous. They need to get Chrissy Park inside the urban growth boundary, Sjothun said. They need to budget money for the development, get power and water, etc. It's also low on the list of importance.

"We have other parks that have been prioritized by the Medford Parks and Recreation Commission that take precedence," Sjothun said.

Sorry to be the bad news bearer. Just on't throw a disc at us in frustration. You sound pretty good. 

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