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Medical marijuana can grow next to a school

I live just outside of Medford, and the smell of the big marijuana garden next door is driving me crazy. I have to keep all my windows closed in the summer, and I enjoy being outside. My daughter said her allergies flare up when she’s around the stuff. My neighbor who is growing the pot says they’re doing everything legal, but they’re also right next to a private school. I thought they couldn’t grow within 1,000 feet of a school. Can you find out for me? 

— Margie P., Medford

There is a rule about dispensaries not being able to locate within 1,000 feet of a school, Margie, but the rules about growing are a bit different.

According to the Oregon Public Health Division, medical marijuana growers who have a license from the state can grow next to schools as long as the pot isn’t visible to passersby.

Medford police Lt. Kevin Walruff also confirmed that the 1,000-foot rule doesn’t apply to medical marijuana gardens.

“There’s no restrictions on medical grows,” he said.

Walruff said he has one employee who can’t be around marijuana. “We’ve got an employee who breaks out in a rash when he’s around it,” he said.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission and the Oregon Public Health Division also point out that the rules about marijuana and where it can grow are ever-changing, so stay tuned, Margie. 

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