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They'll keep on making Moose Munch

Rumor has it Harry & David is doing away with the Moose Munch line of products. I think the new company has its own popcorn line. Any truth to this rumor?

— Anne W., Central Point

We've struggled to find an analogy that adequately dispels this rumor, Anne.

Let's say Lithia Motors bought a Maserati dealership in a city where it already sold BMWs and Mercedes-Benz. Would you expect the newly acquired dealership to stop selling Maseratis because Lithia was selling Mercedes-Benz?

Moose Munch is a money maker. Publicly traded companies, such as 1-800-Flower.com, Harry & David's latest owner, are in the money making business. When you're in the money-making business, you don't kill the Golden Goose, even if it competes with an existing line from your other holdings.

"We are definitely not doing away with our Moose Munch line of products," Harry & David spokesperson Rhonda Klug said.

Moose Munch products are so popular, she said, that the company can't make enough of it at the Harry & David Medford campus.

"We are continuing to grow our Moose Munch line incrementally, but we are out of capacity and currently looking at options to expand," Klug said. "Because we know our customers truly love our Moose Munch, we will always ensure it will be available for purchase."

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