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About that 'active' loading/unloading zone

My issue today is the lack of enforcement at the airport regarding the no-waiting-in-front-of-the-terminal rule. The last several times I have been there, many cars are just parked waiting for passengers to get off the plane. It makes it difficult for people dropping off passengers, and for people picking up passengers to find a spot. Whatever happened to rules about active loading and unloading only? Where is security?


— Scott W., Medford

It's that time of year, we suppose, Scott. You are right that that area is not a parking lot and needs to be kept clear.

Airport director Bern Case says security always has eyes on the outside area through cameras, but that security personnel aren't always out there. Sometimes they're called away to other areas around the airport. 

"The curb is not always covered with a person, but it's covered a lot," Case said. "This time of year, it's not unusual for that question to come up, because it maxes out the facility." 

Occasionally, security will let vehicles go unattended for a short period of time if someone needs to go grab a wheelchair for someone else. Other than that, things do need to keep moving. When it doesn't, other drivers such as yourself are impacted. 

Case added there have been drivers who have left their vehicles in the loading-unloading area like it is a parking lot, necessitating a tow. 

"Towing is not pleasant, but it is one of our alternatives," he said.  

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