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Yellow lights aren't signal to pull over

A police community service vehicle was trying to get to an incident — I assume — and was flashing yellow lights. None of my fellow drivers got out of the way. Were they supposed to pull over?

— Barb M., Medford

Everyone did exactly what they were supposed to, Barb.

Those flashing lights are only to be used for traffic control scenes such as crashes; not to expedite a community service officer’s time to a scene, and not to bust speeders.

“People do not pull over for community service officers and community service officers should not be making traffic stops,” said Lt. Mike Budreau of Medford police. “They shouldn’t be driving with the yellow flashing lights on at the same time.”

So why were the lights on when you saw them? That’s the $1 million question, we suppose. It could have been something as simple as they forgot to turn them off. We at Since You Asked have certainly had our fair share of forgetting to take our to-go coffee cup off the top of the car before we go.

Either way, the next time you see those flashing lemon-colored lights in your rear view, just keep driving. You’re not going to get dinged for not pulling over.

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