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Marijauna plants must be hidden from public view

Why have so many marijuana growers put up plastic sheets or tarps as fencing around their plants? Such flimsy material seems unlikely to help with security, and it's such an eyesore that it just advertises the location of marijuana grow sites around Jackson County.

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Marijuana growers have put up such fencing because Oregon law requires that marijuana plants not be readily seen by normal, unaided vision from a public place. In other words, plants must be hidden or screened from public view, including from drivers passing by on roads.

Many growers are using plastic and tarp fences because that is less expensive than building wooden fences. Plastic can also be used for greenhouses.

This question also came up at a recent public hearing on marijuana.

"The Oregon Health Authority requires grows to not be visible from public rights-of-way," said Jackson County Development Services Director Kelly Madding. "It's really more of a visual barrier than for security. That's why people are putting up fences for medical marijuana."

Although Oregon voters have legalized recreational marijuana, regulations are not yet in place to allow people to grow recreational marijuana for sale. When people without medical marijuana cards visit dispensaries to buy marijuana for recreational use, they are technically buying excess medical marijuana that was grown by medical marijuana growers.

A person is allowed to grow four marijuana plants for personal recreational use or six plants for personal medical use. Those plants also must be hidden from public view.

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