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Parking on sidewalks is illegal

According to ORS 811.550, section 4, you cannot park on the sidewalk. When will this be enforced in White City? Sidewalks are for public safety.

— J. Scripter, White City

As they say: When you're right, you're right, dear reader. 

Parking on sidewalks is illegal under state law. It's seen from time to time by police in White City, just not enough for them to go hunting for offenders and bring the hammer down.

Capt. Nathan Sickler of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department says the problem isn't widespread, but that deputies get to such violations if they can. Typically, though, more severe types of cases have their attention.

"Our deputies frequently have limited time for discretionary enforcement, so they have to prioritize what offenses they choose to enforce," Sickler says in an email to Since You Asked. 

That said, Sickler adds deputies often leave warnings attached to the vehicles. If police receive calls about particular offenses and locations, they can respond accordingly. 

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