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County handles street light outages in White City

Across the street from my house in a newer White City neighborhood, there's a street light that's flickering and seems to be going out. There's a "Pacific Power"  label and ID number on pole, but I thought the county takes care of street lights.  Who do I contact to fix the light?

— Mike A., White City

 Pun intended, we're happy to shed some light on your query.

It turns out you have some options, Mike, so said Jackson County Engineer Mike Kuntz.

"The short answer is that person can call either Pacific Power or the county," Kuntz said.

Kuntz recommended reaching out to the county, dubbing Jackson County Roads and Parks a "one-stop shop" on streetlight issues. The number to report an outage in White City is 541-774-8184. You can also click "Report a Problem" on the Jackson County Roads page at www.jacksoncountyor.org/roads/Contact/Report-a-Problem.

Kuntz said that as part of the White City Enhanced Lighting District, the county pays Pacific Power and Light a fixed rate for street lighting that includes the cost of electricity, installation and maintenance.

"That's part of the monthly fee we pay to PP&L," Kuntz said.

Kuntz said the more information about the street light, the faster they can locate it.  He said the nearest address or intersection can be helpful, but the identification number that you found on the pole is best.

The county inspects all the street lights once a quarter, according to Kuntz. Although this is one problem that could work itself out eventually, that's a while to wait. 

"We appreciate people calling it in," Kuntz said. "If a light goes out the day after we inspect it, it could be three months."

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