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Estimates point to April for Star Wars Blu-Ray

When and how will the new Star Wars movie be available for home consumption? I was a 42-year-old woman when the first movie came out, and I saw it 16 times the first summer it was in theaters. Now I'm an 80-year-old, little, old lady, and theaters are a physical problem for me.  How much longer will I have to wait?

— Liz N., via email

It's a comfort to know that those intergalactic adventures aren't just for the young, but also the young-at-heart.

We jumped through Disney's hoops to see if we could get in touch with a PR representative but, fitting for a company whose symbol is a giant castle, they're surprisingly good at stonewalling. 

Although our Jedi mind tricks were unsuccessful in contacting the Walt Disney Studios press department for information about when the film would be released for purchase and home viewing, it's information they likely wouldn't release for fear of spoiling a good thing while the film is still in theaters. 

The Internet, thankfully, has data to draw from, and films are usually released on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital distribution (via iTunes and Amazon Video among others). Blockbuster films are typically released on video between 2½ and 4 months after their release. The latest entry in the Star Wars saga made its debut Dec. 18, putting estimates close to April.

You can order the Blu-Ray or special edition digital download package with movie posters and other pack-ins now at Amazon.com and other online retailers.

Judging by the volume of Star Wars merchandise in stores, from bed sheets to lamps to yogurt, if you're waiting until the disc appears in stores, the opportunity likely won't pass you by.

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