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Owners of old cars aren't special at the gas pump

What? Pump your own petrol? I thought that was illegal. But the very helpful gas-station attendant said I could fuel my faithful WWII Jeep (1945) myself, which I did. He said all cars over 60 years old were exempt from the law. Is this true? If so, I imagine many owners of old classic cars would prefer to DIY. Please advise. 

— Bill K., Medford 

Keep imagining, Bill. 

The Oregon State Fire Marshal tells us a different tale than your helpful gas-station pal. 

"There is no rule that allows somebody to dispense based on the age of their vehicle," says agency public information officer Rich Hoover.

He adds that the only exception is for motorcyclists, who can request to fill it themselves. That said, attendants must hand riders the nozzle, and riders must hand the nozzle back to the attendant.

You can find this exemption under ORS 480.349. There is a new exemption, effective this year, allowing drivers in counties with populations of fewer than 40,000 people to pump their own gas between the hours of 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Most of those counties are in eastern Oregon; the only ones in our neck of the woods are Curry and Lake counties.

So, sorry, you can't pump your own gas in most cases. But then, you have a 1945 WWII Jeep? Color us jealous. 

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