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Construction zones hazardous even without workers

I saw a driver get ticketed in a construction zone, but there was no construction happening. Why is that?

— Joanie M., Phoenix

We've often wondered about that too, Joanie, especially while other drivers speed past and ignore the posted speed limit.

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation page on www.oregon.gov, even if you don't see any construction workers or equipment on site, "there may be pavement or lane changes that require you to slow down for safety reasons." The website also notes that some construction projects are active year-round, which is another reason drivers need to slow down in a construction area.

The bottom line is, if you see traffic cones and construction signs, slow down to the posted speed limit. Some people may speed through unnoticed, but like the driver you saw, others get caught. And as we all know, traffic fines double in construction zones. So if you're ever annoyed at slowing down in a seemingly empty construction zone, remember you're helping keep construction workers, yourself and other drivers safe.

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