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Giant dirt pile is from RV park excavation

There is a giant dirt pile at the Jackson County fairgrounds that is visible from I-5. Why is it there?

— Janet, Medford

The big pile of dirt at The Expo is from excavation work for a 92-space recreational vehicle park being built by Jackson County.

"It is a big dirt pile," said Jackson County Roads and Parks Director John Vial.

Workers have stripped off 40,000 cubic yards of material in order to grade the ground to a level that's adequate for the RV park, Vial said.

"A lot of that material will be kept on site to be used for topsoil," he said.

Jackson County officials expect to have enough work done for the RV park to be functioning and open by July 1. Parking spots and restrooms should be done by then, Vial said.

Finishing work such as landscaping will likely be done at the end of October, he said.

The $5 million project will include enhancements to day-use facilities around Expo Pond, including a paved parking area and walkways, wheelchair-accessible platforms and docks, restrooms and a covered picnic area.

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