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ODOT owns potholes on south interchange

I have a question for the crack (as in sharp, not addict) team at SYA: I planned to report a few pot holes (at least three) where the concrete is failing in the eastbound/slow lane of the Barnett Road/Interstate 5 overpass. But I wasn’t sure who has jurisdiction — the city of Medford's public works department or ODOT since it spans the freeway. Can you clarify who has responsibility? Many thanks.

—A morning commuter

We at Since You Asked long have honed our skills at pitting one public agency verses another over taking responsibility for the little things that bug us all, so who owns the potholes on the South Interchange is right in SYA's wheelhouse.

Since pothole politics are almost always local, we first turned to Medford Public Works Director Cory Crebbin, who was more than delighted to talk potholes when he realized this wasn't going to be an inquiry on when the gas line construction will finally be over on Delta Waters Road.

The entire interchange remains in the jurisdiction of the Oregon Department of Transportation, Crebbin says. That jurisdiction runs from just west of Highway 99 and Garfield Street across the bridge and down the lower end of Highland Road right up to the south edge of Barnett Road, he says.

A quick call to ODOT spokesman Gary Leaming not only confirmed this but also got the ball rolling to fill those holes pronto.

"That's easy," Leaming says. "We'll get on it."

Now, if SYA muscle could only solve that Delta Waters thing that easily.

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