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Kitzhaber investigation remains active

Can you please tell me what the status of the feds versus our late, great Gov. John Kitzhaber is?

— Chuck B., Medford

Kitzhaber and his fiancee, Cylvia Hayes, remain under federal investigation in connection with six-figure consulting deals Hayes won to push environmental polices. She landed the deals while she was advising Kitzhaber's office on poverty and energy goals. Kitzhaber resigned in February 2015 as concerns of influence-peddling emerged.

In 3,000 emails released in March,  they reveal how Kitzhaber turned to Hayes as a confidant and how he struggled with the right way to put her in the spotlight. In August 2013, he tasked her with helping shepherd his office's anti-poverty work.

Chuck, we haven't heard anything more recently about the feds investigation, other than it is ongoing. Federal investigators haven't pressed charges.

Kitzhaber, in an Oregon Public Broadcasting interview, stated he is confident he will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Kitzhaber declined to discuss any aspects of the investigation.

The former governor, who resigned a few months after getting reelected, said he was currently looking for work, possibly as a consultant.

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