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Fresh coat of paint is coming soon

I frequently drive on Rogue Federal Way to access Panda Express, Starbucks, the south Walmart and Rogue Federal Credit Union. I do not know who to contact, but the lanes are so faded from the major use of this artery that you can barely make them out, so there are many near-misses as drivers are making left-hand turns into these businesses. Could you please contact the department that repaints these lanes to prevent any accidents.

— Patty D., via email

Patty, good news! Rogue Credit Union is aware of the problem and plans to remedy it as soon as the weather clears.

Rogue Federal Way is shared between Rogue Credit Union and Walmart. However, the bank is responsible for repainting the lines and, for the last couple months, has been actively trying to do just that. But, unfortunately, the weather keeps getting in the way, said Krista Jantzer, the bank’s vice president of marketing.

“Based on current weather forecast outlook, Rogue anticipates that the repainting on Rogue Federal Way should be completed by the end of June,” Jantzer said in an email.

In the meantime, Patty, proceed with caution as you run your errands in that area.

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