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License stickers can be replaced for free

I was trying to catch a plane in Newark, New Jersey, recently, and the TSA agent asked me for my ID. I pulled out my Oregon driver license, and the agent said, “This isn’t going work. There’s some kind of sticker over the bottom of it.” Puzzled, I said, it’s worked before. Another agent looked at it and said it was fine. Partially because of the delay and the long TSA lines, I missed my flight. Does Oregon DMV get many complaints about the change-of-address sticker you place on the bottom of your license? I also noticed the letters on the sticker are wearing off. Isn’t there a better alternative to a sticker?

— Brent T., Medford

We’ve noticed the letters do tend to wear off those change-of-address stickers after a few years, Brent.

We checked in with David House, spokesman for the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles, who said he’s heard of similar issues with the stickers when Oregon driver licenses are used in other states. The good news is that replacement stickers are free, and you can go online to request one.

“That was the advantage of the stickers,” House said.

House said a lot of states don’t do stickers, and the practice may change if Oregon ever signs on as a REAL ID state, referring to a 2005 law that attempted to create a more secure form of identification.

If you still don’t want a free replacement sticker, Brent, you have another option.

For $26.50, you can order a new driver license. So you have a choice: Either live with the inconvenience of the sticker, or take your wife out for a cheap date on the town with the money you saved.

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